Shannon Criss, Associate Professor

I am an Associate Professor of Architecture at University of Kansas (KU), School of Architecture, Design and Planning and a licensed architect.

Prior to coming to KU in 2001, I taught at Mississippi State University's School of Architecture and the Boston Architectural Center.

My education includes a B.Arch degree from Kansas State University and an M.Arch. degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Curriculum Vitae (5 pg. pdf)



Community Design
From 1996 to 2001, I was the Director of the Small Town Center at the Mississippi State University School of Architecture.

The Small Town Center (STC) is a Community Design Outreach Center performing work for Mississippi Communities More...

The following projects were completed under my direction in the STC.

Architecture Magazine Award: An interview

Booneville, Mississippi: A Case Study Assessing the Possibilities

Booneville, Mississippi: Nomination for a Historic District

Brookhaven, Mississippi: Addressing Second Floor Housing

Casework for a Head Start Classroom: Design, Construction & Installation of a Furniture Piece.

Greenwood Baptist Town Neighborhood: Re-thinking Community and Addressing Housing

Jonestown, Mississippi : Addressing Rural Problems through Architecture in a Mississippi Delta Town.

Madison, Mississippi: Building the Next Step Through Cooperation

Mississippi Electronic Almanac: A Community Design Resource on the World Wide Web

Ocean Springs: Strategies for Redevelopment: Master Planning and Guidelines for Downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Okolona Downtown Park: Design and Construction of a Common Ground

Okolona Technical College: A Case Study Speculating on the Possibilities for the Okolona Technical College Site

Small Town Summits: Historic Preservation Promoting Economic Revitalization in Rural Mississippi.

Tupelo, Mississippi: Architectural Design Guidelines for a Historic Downtown Conservation Overlay District.



I currently am teaching Second-year Design Studio.

I will be teaching Intro to Sustainable Design in Spring 2002.



  Click here for photos of Little Friends Farm Childcare Center, in Middletown, RI.