A website for dissemination of information regarding shop training, resources and safety at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Design

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Links with are from the Miller Welding website
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1. Power Tools
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  • Power Tool Safety
Power Tool Institute: General Safety Video
  • Table Saw Safety
Power Tool Institute: Table Saw Safety Video (19:00 minute, 55mb streaming movie. The movie loads slowly, please be patient.)
  • Miter Saw Safety
Power Tool Institute: Miter Saw Safety Video (14:30 minute, 25mb streaming movie. The movie loads slowly, please be patient.)
  • Wood Lathe Safety

2. Welding

  • Arc Welding

Welding Helmets and Eye Protection
Safety and Scheduled Maintenance
Safe Welding in the Workplace
Safe Practices Promote Arc Welding Safety

  • OxyAcetylene

Safe Operating Procedure for Torches (PDF)
Storage and Use of Gas Cylinders
OxyAcetylene Safety (PDF)
Case study about an exploding torch

  • Plasma Cutting
Plasma Cutting Safety



1. Welding

History of Welding
What is Welding?
Understanding Welding and Cutting Processes
Welding and the World of Metals (36 pg. PDF)
Miller Welding Dictionary
Selecting Your Welding Process

Basic Electricity for Arc Weldors (100 pg. PDF)
Prevention and Control of Weld Distortion

  • Stick Welding
    (or SMAW)

Arc Welding Fundamentals
How to Strike and Establish an Arc
Creating High Quality Stick Welds
Five tips to improve stick welding
Principles of SMAW Welding (24 pg. PDF)
20 FAQ's for Stick Welding
Common Problems and Remedies for GMAW

  • Plasma Cutting

FAQ about plasma cutters
Making the Cut, Plasma Cutting for Repair and Hobby

  • MIG (or GMAW)

Miller Training Systems: Basic MIG
Wire feed welder basics
Making a Sound MIG Weld
Successfully Welding Sheet Metal w/ GMAW
Troubleshooting guide for MIG welding (12 pg. PDF)

2. Hossfeld Bender

15 minute intro video (70mb)